EMF zu Foulscht op der Wanterschluecht 2012

Welcome to the E.M.F.-Homepage. E.M.F. are trying, with the help of many friends, to put up Metal and Rock events in the northern part of Luxembourg and even the rest of this small, but nice country. If you shouldn't know where or what Luxembourg is, help yourself with this page.

We had an excellent 10-years-anniversary-party, 22nd september 2012 in Folschette. Watch here for an athmospheric resumé by the ELGORE-blog folks. (ya, the music is crappy, just turn the sound off and put on some Slayer.)



First Meeting after the 10 years festival. Looking ahead for 2013.

Presale for the festival started. Everyone is motivated as hell and excited. This is going to be metal as fuck.

EMF are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. To celebrate this we're organizing a special event on 22nd september 2012 in Folschette. More infos coming soon so stay tuned!


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